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What are the good news for the home industry in 2019?
The competition in the smart home industry has come to the white-hot stage, and the giantundefineds layout is becoming more and more wide, from the global brand of amazon to the domestic giant millet, all of which are soaked in the whole house.
Why does lighting need to be designed?

Starting from a house, the basic function of the house defines the use of space in the house. For example, the bedroom is used to sleep, restaurants eat, living room leisure parties, study reading and writing, bathroom in addition to going to the toilet may be women makeup, men smoke in a daze.
How does the smart home industry avoid the pit that exposes usersundefined privacy?
For smart speakers in 2018, there is still a mess of fire. Many industry giants have launched their own strong products, low price, high performance has become synonymous with intelligent speakers.
Go to Hangzhou low-carbon Science and Technology Museum to see an exhibition of scientific and technological achievements on the 40th Anniversary of Reform and opening up

Recently, the exhibition of Science and Technology to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Reform and opening up, Science and Technology change Life, sponsored by Hangzhou Science and Technology Association and Hangzhou Civilization Office, was launched at Hangzhou low-carbon Science and Technology Museum, China.
How to distinguish Smart Home system, Intelligent single Product, Intelligent device

With the rapid development of smart home industry, smart home service is more and more accepted by more and more consumers. At present, smart home is divided into three categories: smart home system, intelligent single product and intelligent device. Today we will specialize in how to distinguish these three categories.
Follow the wind and learn programming for your children? Why donundefinedt you have a smart home system at home?

It is said that childrenundefineds programming has become the most popular childrenundefineds education curriculum, and many countries have even begun to popularize programming classes in primary school. A survey conducted by the Joint questionnaire Network of the Social Survey Center of the China Youth Daily found that 64.6% of the interviewees knew about childrenundefineds programming training.
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