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How to distinguish Smart Home system, Intelligent single Product, Intelligent device

How to distinguish Smart Home system, Intelligent single Product, Intelligent device

With the rapid development of smart home industry, smart home service is more and more accepted by consumers. At present, smart home can be classified into three categories: smart home system, smart items and smart devices. Today, we will explain how to distinguish these three categories.
_Smart Home System
Smart home system is a system that controls all smart home devices through the host gateway.
The smart home system can be divided into several sub-categories: host gateway, intelligent lighting, security alarm, household appliances control, curtain windows, smart door lock, home cinema, background music, scene control, environment control, health and safety, video surveillance, repeater, protocol converter, visual intercom, intelligent module and so on.
Host gateway is the core of smart home system. All other smart devices need to be connected through Host gateway.
Two-way wireless transmission, smart home products are using two-way wireless transmission, system switch status can be instantly presented, at a glance.
Fast installation and maintenance, all smart home systems use wireless transmission, easy installation, and easy to move and reinstall.
It is easy to operate. Smart home system is not limited by time, space and hardware. It can be operated at any time and anywhere. It can be controlled by smart phone, tablet computer and computer.
_Intelligent Items
Smart products are single smart products controlled by mobile APP. Compared with smart home systems, smart products can only achieve single aspect of intelligence, such as smart locks in single products.
The smart items can be classified into health monitoring, switch socket, camera, doorbell cat's eye, children's smart products, old people's smart products, environment monitoring, alarm security, smart box, smart light, irrigation feeding pet, video entertainment, creative smart products, smart locks, Smart Magic mirrors, smart hand rings, etc.
Some products in smart products can also play similar functions to smart home systems, but there are some gaps compared with smart home systems.
Here we introduce the switch socket:
Intelligent sockets in intelligent products can be instantly transformed into intelligent sockets by inserting them on ordinary plug boards, which can play the roles of energy saving, environmental protection and safety protection. When users use smart sockets, they only need to set the time in advance, and as soon as the time arrives, they can immediately power off. Intelligent socket is a very common intelligent item nowadays.
_Intelligent Equipment
Intelligent devices are relatively large-scale intelligent products in smart home systems and smart products, including smart suites. Now the most common intelligent devices are intelligent air conditioning, intelligent television and so on.
Smart devices are classified into smart appliances, smart robots, smart suits, smart kitchens, smart bathrooms, air purification, smart sweepers, HVAC water purification, smart watches, smart furniture, etc.
Here, the smart suit is introduced as an example.
Intelligent suite is a combination of smart home products that can perform similar functions. Generally, smart suite belongs to smart home system products. All kinds of products in the suite can be interconnected and interoperable to maximize their functions.
The above is a brief introduction about the classification of smart home. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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