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What are the good news for the home industry in 2019?

What are the good news for the home industry in 2019?

Competition in the smart home industry has entered a white-hot stage. The layout of the giants is more and more extensive. From the global brand Amazon to the domestic giant millet, their products are all soaked into the whole house. The exciting release of new products has also brought sufficient confidence to the market, and consumers'acceptance and expectations of intelligent products are rising.
The past 2018, for the increasingly mature smart home industry, is a year that has achieved more brilliant results, so it has also become the first year of smart home commercialization recognized by the industry. The concept of "Whole House Smart Home" is gradually emerging and gains a higher level of recognition among ordinary consumers, which also lays a solid foundation for the smart home industry to enter the decisive stage of breaking and upgrading in 2019.
From the outbreak of popular items such as smart speakers, smart door locks, smart sweeping robots, to the construction of intelligent lighting, smart security and other intelligent scenarios, the smart home industry is accelerating its development, and constantly improving the layout of the ecological chain. The emergence of strong alliance of smart home enterprises has played a role in the integration of high-quality resources in the whole smart home field. So at the beginning of the year of 2019, what signals does the smart home industry release that are worthy of the industry's delight?
_High-end intelligent household appliances consumption demand soars
The development of smart home is getting better, and the sharp increase of consumer market demand is a strong proof. From the consumption data released by Suning Easy-to-buy and Jingdong during the Spring Festival of 2019, it can be seen that the number of consumers who buy smart home appliances has increased significantly compared with the usual number. Smart door locks, smart TV and smart clothes drying racks have become new choices for people to buy household appliances. Sales have increased considerably compared with the Spring Festival of last year. Following the trend of fashion, like high-tech 80, 90 and other young consumer groups will undoubtedly become a powerful high-end new intelligent household appliances purchasing force.
_Increasing recognition of smart home among people who decorate new houses
With the improvement of science and technology, smart home system is becoming more and more stable, and the sense of experience is getting better and better. Consumers are beginning to recognize and accept smart devices. Previously, in the view of most people, the price of smart home is on the high side. For ordinary consumers, the intention of purchasing and installing smart home is not strong. But after contacting some people who are going to decorate the new house, many people have already known and contacted smart home, even purchased and experienced smart devices, and the convenience of smart home for life is also deep. Their approval.
Apart from the comfortable experience brought by intelligent life, real estate developers have long been concerned about the value-added effect of intelligent technology on real estate. Hengda, Poly, Vanke, Biguiyuan and other leading domestic real estate developers have many successful intelligent real estate development projects successfully landed. The 5M smart and healthy community of Mei's real estate industry has already gained popularity, and by virtue of the foresight of intelligent real estate layout and product differentiation, it has become the black horse of the real estate industry.
_5G helps accelerate the arrival of the era of interconnection of all things
After 2019, 5G has become a hot topic in the science and technology circle. The application of 5G has brought us a step closer to the era of interconnection of all things. According to media reports, recently, 5G network has been successfully applied to the Xinqianwan automation Wharf in Qingdao Port. The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and Winter Paralympic Games will also use 5G innovative technology to create a series of intelligent applications, such as 360-degree panoramic live broadcasting and VR immersion experience. In addition, the official also disclosed that this year will be in several cities. The issuance of 5G temporary licenses will enable large-scale networking to take the lead in some cities and hot spots. At the same time, the industrialization process and network construction of terminals will be accelerated. Commercial products such as 5G mobile phones and 5G iPad will be launched in the second half of the year. 5G will help us to enter the Internet of Things era from the era of mobile Internet. Based on the application of 5G technology, the integration of Internet of Things and artificial intelligence will continue to optimize consumers'experience of using intelligent devices.
Smart city, smart medical care, smart old-age care, smart community and other projects will enter a high-speed development stage. The full-scale attack of the smart wave will also lead to the rapid development of smart home. There is no doubt that 2019 will also become a key period for the smart home industry to win the market.

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