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How does the smart home industry avoid the pit that exposes usersundefined privacy?

How does the smart home industry avoid the pit that exposes usersundefined privacy?

For smart speakers, 2018 is still a mess. Many industry giants have launched their own strong products, low-cost, high-performance has become a synonym for smart speakers for a time.
At the same time, the risks hidden behind smart speakers and other voice assistants are gradually exposed. Recently, a foreign industry giant was criticized by netizens for being deeply involved in a major user privacy monitoring accident, which sounded an alarm for the smart home industry. At present, most smart speakers on the market need to be networked, and related voice data will be stored directly in the cloud. In this case, it is difficult to ensure that users'privacy is not disclosed, because voice data is always stored on third-party platforms. While we enjoy the convenience of intelligent life, our voice information is also controlled. Consequently, the risk of personal privacy exposure will deter many users.
As for voice interaction, front-end voice recognition technology has always been used. This technology is based on the deployment of smart home control system in the user's home. Speech recognition and control are completed locally, without using broadband network. Compared with intelligent voice devices using cloud-based voice recognition schemes, such as intelligent speakers and other cloud-based voice recognition technologies, arc voice intelligent voice panel does not depend on the external network and can be used normally without network. It is also because of the fully localized deployment method that users do not have to worry about any privacy leakage.

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