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Follow the wind and learn programming for your children? Why donundefinedt you have a smart home system at home?

Follow the wind and learn programming for your children? Why donundefinedt you have a smart home system at home?

When we were young, we played shuttlecock with mud, and we enjoyed playing every day. Look at the children now, learn to draw on the piano, and even learn to program?!
It is said that children's programming has become the most popular children's education curriculum, and many countries even begin to popularize it in elementary school. According to a survey conducted by the Joint Questionnaire Network of the Social Survey Center of China Youth Newspaper, 64.6% of the respondents knew about children's programming training. 54.4% of the respondents felt it necessary for children to specialize in children's programming training courses. Is this the trend or the trend?
A remark by Zhang Quanling, a famous former CCTV host, reveals the truth behind the explosion of "children programming". She said: If a child can't program in the future, he will lose the ability to interact with the machine world, and he will lose the ability to create artificial intelligence. In this case, after ten years, a child who can't program may be as anxious as a child who can't speak English now.
In fact, programming is not only a skill, but also a way of thinking, including the comprehensive application of mathematics, logic, English and other disciplines. Nowadays, "artificial intelligence" is the trend of the times. The development of any industry in the future can not escape these four words. If children lack the thinking ability in this area, it is difficult to keep up with the pace of the times.
However, it is not the only way to train children's programming thinking ability as early as possible through training courses. On the one hand, the current teaching and research level of children programming in China is not high, or stays at the level of interest; on the other hand, through one to two experience courses a week, it is difficult to bring lasting impact on children. In fact, in order to improve children's thinking ability and logical ability, a good environment is more important!
At present, artificial intelligence technology has spread to all aspects of our lives, the most direct one is smart home. I believe that many people have purchased fingerprint locks, sweeping robots, smart speakers and other popular items, and indeed enjoy the convenience of life brought by smart home, but this is far from enough!
The most ideal mode of education is "subtle influence", which can be learned from practice. The intelligent home system solutions provided by Tsongpu Intelligence adopt abundant terminal control modes and highly customizable modular product design. Users can customize their use patterns according to their own living habits to fully meet their personalized needs. This is essentially the application of "programming logic", which can let children in every scene of daily life are exposed to programming thinking and operation mode, like an immersive "programming experimental base".
Let a child learn piano is not necessarily to let him become a pianist, drawing is not to cultivate the next "Da Vinci", learning programming is not to let a child become a programmer, all of these starting points are actually to develop a child's comprehensive ability in a certain area. Programming is a language full of logical thinking, with its inherent rules and infinite changes. In the future era of artificial intelligence, this ability will become more and more important, and even become people's "second language". So instead of spending 20,300,000 yuan a year on a few interesting classes, it's better to build an artificial intelligence home for your child.

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