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Why does lighting need to be designed?

Speaking of a house, the basic function of the house defines the use function of the space inside the house. For example, bedrooms are used for sleeping, restaurants for eating, living room for leisure parties, study for reading and writing, toilets may be ladies make-up, men smoke stunned. Owners may think that intelligence is very simple, just add a controller to the lamp, the original switch control, now become wifi. But if we just do that, where is our competitiveness?
This is the way we used lighting in our early and even now in many families. At first, we used the least lighting and the cheapest way to achieve the brightness we need in our life. Every room is either a ceiling lamp or a fluorescent lamp tube. It may just be different in style. The steps and doors in the courtyard are all dark without lights. We have a deep experience in the evening. When we stand by the window and look outside, the glass becomes a mirror reflecting all the time. We can't see the outside at all. You don't know when a burglar comes to your house and stands outside waving to you - especially when there is a big light gap between the inside and outside of the house.
This situation is caused by the pursuit of efficiency and inexpensiveness. At first, we didn't pay attention to it. When we bought the lamp, the owner would only ask how many square meters your family had, and then tell you how many watts of lamp you should buy. Is that really the right thing to do? People lie in the bedroom dazzling, bathroom and toilet are no different, study and classroom are no different, dining room is like dining in the canteen, living room is like an office.
For example, the dining room, the table is bright, the food has a focus; the bedroom has a light ceiling lamp and floor lamp, sleeping is comfortable; toilet all ladies make-up mirror headlights; study not only has desk lamp, but also floor lamp supplementary light; through the glass can see the outside scenery, the steps with light people will be safer... That's the difference. After joining in the lighting design, we distribute the reasonable light source according to the space use. When the light-dark ratio of each point is in place through intelligent control, it is a pleasant and comfortable space.
In the eyes of science students, light is electromagnetic wave, visible light and invisible light; in the eyes of designers, light is the fourth building material. If there is no light design, everywhere is flat, everywhere is bright, like the difference between fast food restaurant and Western food restaurant. Fast restaurants are noisy and inexpensive, but high-end Western restaurants are quiet. When they enter, they will unconsciously be quiet. When they speak loudly, they will feel embarrassed. At the same time, the consumption is high. That is the light is affecting people's mood and psychology. Now the control of light is very intelligent, mobile phone APP click, even voice can be controlled, you may think in mind later, you can achieve - this thing has appeared at the exhibition. So to be intelligent is to develop in this direction, not just simple control.
There are quantities of light, the unit is lumen, and the corresponding is illumination. How much light a lamp can emit and how much water a bottle can hold are concepts. When you break the bottle, the amount of water you can receive is the illumination of light. So we'll focus on illumination, bright or dark; there's also a ratio. Museums should protect exhibits, so their illumination should not be too high, which will destroy the quality of exhibits.
Then the environment and focus are proportionate, for example, 1:1 does not have any focus, 1:5 will have a clear feeling. According to the location analysis of site grade, what is the ratio of illumination to shade?

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