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Product name

Intelligent curtain moto

The Linkedgo intelligent curtain motor cooperates with APP to realize the wireless remote opening and closing of the curtain, and controls the curtain to move to any position of the guideway in a more accurate form.
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Fixed point control

Linkedgo Intelligent Curtain Motor cooperates with APP to realize the wireless opening and closing of curtain, and supports the voice linkage of Skycat Elves


Quality first

High quality aluminium material


Remote control

Support Zero Dog APP/Skycat Elf Control


Fixed point control

Precision Control of Millimeter Level

Follow your heart

Custom commutation

Multi-scene linkage

Intelligent application


Quality first

Remote control


Precision millimeter curtain control to move to any position of guide rail

Aerospace-grade high-quality aluminium craftsmanship with guaranteed quality


Follow your heart


Support multi-scene interaction, from simple business, technology office to warm home, to meet your needs


Intelligent application


Linkedgo Intelligent Curtain Motor

Smart and intimate curtain housekeeper

Follow your heart






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Rated voltage: 220V~50HZ

Standby power consumption: 0.8W

Rated power: 13W

Rated Torque: 1.2N/m

Single opening speed: 14cm/s

Working environment: 0-40 C

Wireless Distance: 40m Indoor

Wireless function: Z-Wave Plus

Maximum counterweight: 50KG

Longest guide: 6M

Product size: 360mm*70.5mm*50mm

 Functional parameter

Basic functional range

the intelligent curtain motor, the wireless remote control and the remote control operation II are combined into one

Fixed point control

millimeter-level precision control

Intelligent application

Multi-scene linkage

Quality first

High quality aluminum


Support Zero Dog APP/Skycat Elf Control

Do as you please

Custom commutation

Linkedgo intelligent curtain moto

A smart and sweet curtain housekeeper


Application case of Home Decoration

Lijingying County, Zhejiang Province


Shenyang, Liaoning Segovira


Beijing Junshan Villa


Qingdao Yiquan Scenic Villa, Shandong Province


Zhejiang Huzhou pioneered Yijing


Shanghai Xiangxi Villa


Xi undefinedan Maple Leaf Villa, Shaanxi


Lijingying County, Zhejiang Province


Yinhu Villa in Laoshan


Villas in the western suburbs of Shandong Green Space


Zhejiang Guanlan Haoyuan


Xiundefinedan Qujiang Garden



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