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Introduction of Air Energy Water Heater


How many L of air water heater is enough?

The normal temperature of bathing water is 42 degrees. In winter, the temperature of bathing water is appropriately increased by 2 degrees, generally about 44 degrees. If the capacity of air-energy water heater tank is 150 L and the temperature of tap water is 10 degrees in winter, the time for continuous hot water use is about 47 minutes. Considering that the efficiency of hot water use will not be 100%, the time for continuous hot water use is about 40 minutes. It's no problem for 2-3 people to shower. If possible, it is best to purchase an air-energy water heater with an auxiliary electric heater. After the water temperature of the water heater is heated to 55-60 degrees, the auxiliary electric heater will continue to raise the water temperature to a higher level in order to increase the amount of continuous hot water.
One kitchen, one bathroom, kitchen and bathroom are not adjacent, 50_-80_, 1-2 people, it is recommended to buy 150 L air water heater. Two bathrooms and one kitchen, 100_-180_, 3-4 people, it is recommended to buy 200 L or more air-energy water heaters. Super-large households, villas, more than one kitchen, 200 feet, 5-6 people, this type of household is recommended to choose more than 300 L. The villa has a kitchen with more than 220 feet and 7-10 people. This type of household chooses about 500L air-energy water heater.

Where can the air energy water heater be installed?


Air energy water heater installed indoors or outdoors: according to the specific choice of the family, it is generally recommended to install outdoors, balconies and so on. Selection conditions for installation of air energy water heaters:

(1) Good safety: It can support the surface or bracket, make it flat and firm, and can withstand the weight of the main engine and water tank. The water discharged by the main engine and safety valve can be discharged into the sewer smoothly. There is no flammable or corrosive gas leaking around.

(2) The effect of heat generation is good: the best location is close to the main water pipeline, where the connecting pipe and capacitor are easy to connect.

(3) Large space: Site selection needs to provide sufficient space for installation, maintenance and maintenance.

(4) The ventilation effect is good, there is no obstacle around the tuyere, avoid direct face to strong tuyere and dry ventilation.

(5) Avoid noise pollution: the noise and vibration of the main engine and the sound of the water pipe do not affect the neighbors.


Can air be safe for water heaters?


When discussing the safety of air energy water heater, we must mention the heating principle of air energy water heater. Air energy water heater uses the principle of "inverse carnot" to heat, transfers the free heat in air to the inside of air energy water heater through pipeline, and then works through compressor to convert heat into high temperature heat energy. Finally, high temperature heat energy is released into cold water, and the temperature of cold water is raised to the temperature that can be bathed. In the whole heating process, electricity is only used to make the compressor work, and then the compressor works on the refrigerant, and carries the heat from outside to heat. There is no "electricity-heat" conversion like the electric water heater. At the same time, the air energy water heater is designed with water and electricity separated. There are no electrical components in the water tank, so there is no need to worry about leakage accident.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of air energy water heater?


Advantages of air-energy water heaters:

1. Low-carbon environmental protection. Air energy water heater does not need gas, it only transfers the heat in the surrounding air, does not release exhaust gas, etc.

2. Safety and reliability: Compared with electric water heater and gas water heater, air energy water heater avoids leakage of electric water heater, gas leakage and carbon monoxide poisoning of gas water heater, and has very good safety performance.

3. Energy-saving and electricity-saving: The thermal efficiency of air-energy water heater can be as high as 300%-500%, which is 4-5 times higher than that of ordinary water heater, so its cost of hot water production is very low, which also saves electricity. Air energy water heater charges 1-2 yuan per day. Compared with general water heater, it can save about 70-80% of the electricity cost per month.

4. Convenience and comfort: The air source water heater is regenerative, and the heating function starts automatically according to the temperature in the water tank. Therefore, no matter whether it is cloudy, sunny, rainy or snowy all the year round, it can provide hot water continuously 24 hours a day, which is more convenient than ordinary solar water heaters. That is to say, hot water can be used immediately, with large quantity of water, stable temperature and good experience to meet people's demand for hot water.

Disadvantage 1: Environmental adaptable solar water heater uses air as heating energy. Although air can be used for heating, there is still a certain requirement for the ambient temperature, ranging from 0 to 40. In winter, the temperature in northern China is generally below 0 (?) C, which makes the heating of air-energy water heater decrease.

Disadvantage 2: Large volume is one of the main drawbacks of air energy water heaters. It is only suitable for installation on the ground (balcony or roof). As a result, some households can not be installed. Some users can not accept such a huge volume and abandon air energy water heaters to use other water heaters.

Disadvantage 3: Technical disadvantage: Air energy water heater is a new thing in China, but there are still some technical shortcomings: frost problem, for example, is the main reason that restricts the air energy water heater industry to cross the Yellow River and fight in the north; for example, compressors are easily damaged, some compressors using circulating heating system on the market run under high temperature and pressure for a long time, which accelerates the aging and carbon of compressors. Compressor is easy to burn out because of its speed.

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